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Book of Mormon Figurine Set

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Piece Count: 315 pieces
Recommended Age: 8+
Average Build Time: 1-2 hours
Base plate size: 4.5” height, 5” length, 5” width
Bricks: Compatible with similar building block toys
Introduction:: Use these figurines to tell multiple stories from the Book of Mormon. Download the instruction manual from the link below and get a better idea of the numerous stories you can tell with this set!
6 main bodies
20 heads
15 hats/helmets
8 hair pieces
5 beards
5 spears
5 swords
5 bow and arrows
2 pole staffs
1 chain (Abinadi)
1 Golden Plates
1 Brass Plates
1 Liahona
1 Camel, 1 Horse, 2 Sheep
High Resolution Instruction Booklet
Pieces to construct ship, Tree of Life, tower, wall, rocks, trees and bushes


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Download instruction
The downloadable instruction manual is free of charge. You don’t have to purchase a Brick’Em Young to enjoy. All copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property belong to Brick’Em Young. Hope you enjoy building this set!



Watch this fun video and see how the Brick'Em Young Book of Mormon set is built!

Mix & match to make your favorite characters: Captain Moroni, Ammon, Lehi & Sariah, Nephi & his wife, Abinadi, King Benjamin, Alma, King Noah, King and Queen Lamoni, Abish, Ammonite Mothers and their Stripling Warrior sons, Samuel the Lamanite, Mormon, Moroni. 

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